Welcome to the General Congress!

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Welcome to the General Congress! Empty Welcome to the General Congress!

Post  SovietReunion on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:23 pm

Welcome to the General Congress! Gencon
Welcome new esteemed delegates to the General Congress of Econicraft! Under a broad set of administration and server reforms, we've established an assembly by which the people of this server now hold ultimate political power. Here, you can steer the course of Econicraft and award the mandate of the people's will unto your moderators and admins.

Let's get an idea of what it is you're allowed to do:
• Propose a new rule or change an old one.
• Elect moderators every month and approve Ender's nominees for new admins

But how will that work? Oh, very simple!
• Post a new topic about an idea that you may have.
• We'll discuss it for a little while, perhaps a few days, until we get a consensus or agreement to bring it to vote.
• A new topic will be created with a poll about your idea. After a couple of days of voting, if it gets a majority approval, then it goes into force!

The purpose of the General Congress is to have Econicraft be as inclusive as possible! Since every player is a wise delegate here, we can formally channel our communal intelligence and creativeness to construct this server to the fullest. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

For those interested, details can be found here: http://econicraft.forumotion.com/t88-admin-organization#242

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