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Post  SovietReunion on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:48 pm

SOVIETGRAD - Foundation of the Progressive Party Sovietgradtribune
SOVIETGRAD, ECONICRAFT – Mayor of Sovietgrad, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Soviet Industries Soviet Reunion announced the foundation of the Progressive Party at a gathering at his private estate. At the lavish ceremony in Sovietgrad, Mr. Reunion said that "with the new age of government upon us, we cannot let Sovietgrad fall behind". To a bustling crowd, the Mayor stated that the new liberal ideals taking foot in Econicraft should be supported, and that such momentum would be devastating if lost. "We have thousands of credits on the line if reforms are met, and construction is halted," the industrialist said, "I can't imagine what kind of disorganized power vacuum we might all fall into if this goes haywire".

The objective of the political party is to keep pressure on the administration for reforms, it was stated, and to gather a group of like-minded individuals to communalize regarding the quiet revolution. "If we work together and are able to really build a core belief system," Mr. Reunion said, "then I don't think there's anything we can't do".

Following the conclusion of the conference, Soviet and his protégés handed out leaflets explaining in detail the Progressive Party:

SOVIETGRAD - Foundation of the Progressive Party Democraticclanemblem
The Progressive Party is the newest political party in Econicraft and seeks to lead the server towards social progressiveness and fiscal responsibility.

Party Ideology and Platform
The Progressive Party is center-left to left-wing in its politics. Promoting Econicraft's growing forces of democratic centralism and constitutionalism, the Progressives seek to maintain a level of socialism and state superiority to preserve the rights newly awarded to us here.

Program of the Progressive Party of Econicraft:

Promotion of private business – the Administration should provide initiative for people to establish private enterprises on the server. Increasing activity and desirability to remain in Econicraft will improve the quality of our community. We can use the broad market forces of the Exchange to create a dynamic economy that can support dozens of players and handfulls of towns.

Broadening of state services – now that we're organizing a formal Administration-ran market regulator, having a number of programs and services that the Adminsitration can provide to make the experience in Econicraft more fun and easier would benefit the community at large. Having a program to assist new players, building free public housing, and provide greater information on Minecraft and the server itself could be instances where the Administration could sponsor.

Lotteries – the Lottery of the Exchange can be a program having a formula such as this: ₢2,000 guaranteed initially and having the Exchange double whatever money is spent on tickets to increase the pot.

Furthermore, taxation as imposed by the General Congress should be at a minimum as long as Administration and Exchange spending is under control. Strengthening the role of the Governor of the Exchange should be looked at as a way to control the growth of a class society and the creation of a government outside that established by the presumptive constitution – a business and money fueled administration. To that end, the Administration and towns should look to taxation as a way to generate revenue, regulate market forces, and to create a fairer community.

Administration Policy
Constitutionalism – the Progressive Party stands by its commitment to upholding the constitutionalism that has been constructed and championed by influential forces on the server. Nothing and no one shall ever come above the supreme law that we have set for ourselves.

Recruitment – the Administration should enact a policy of the recruitment of new citizens:

1. The promotion of the server through graphics and messages on the main Minecraft forum should work wonders. Though we haven’t been promoting ourselves heavily, the lure of a fair democratic government and economy sure is to attract many people to the server.

Making use of the “searching” forum as well as contacting Minecraft friends about that server should assist us in recruitment.

2. Modifying the Exchange budget to include “sign up” bonuses to all those who become citizens. History has shown, at least in my experiences, that giving financial incentives or any kind of “advantage” turns out a greater rate of recruits than without.

3. If our growth is larger than expected, the creation of the Immigration Office of the General Congress is needed to oversee our recruitment programs and the transition of guests to residency. The Immigration Office would be responsible for coordinating new user policy, recruitment programs, as well as its appropriated Administration-given budget to its programs.

Environment – The Progressive Party encourages communities within Econicraft to take a step to preserve the environment of the server. As we expand and see the foundation of new towns and nations, that we be careful in the limited natural monuments we have.

Party Leadership
Chairman: Soviet Reunion
Leading the Party shall be the Chairperson of the Convention. The Chairperson is elected by popular vote by the members of the Convention during their regular sessions. The Chairperson steers the Progressive Party, its sponsorships, and its platform.

The Chairperson shall select a deputy, to assume the authority and spokesman position of the Party.

The Party Convention shall consist of all the members of the Party, to be called into session and dismissed by the Chairperson. The Convention shall operate like the General Congress.

In southern Sovietgrad, across from the Exchange building.
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SOVIETGRAD - Foundation of the Progressive Party 20130217184147

Those who want to join this beacon of democracy, liberty, and prosperity just need to stop by the headquarters in Sovietgrad (/t spawn sovietgrad) and post a sign indicating your intention to join. We're also conveniently located across from the Exchange (/warp exchange).

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SOVIETGRAD - Foundation of the Progressive Party Empty Hello

Post  bradenbob on Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:52 am

As Supreme Commander (helper of Soviet) I am pleased to say that the Progressive Party is coming along nicly the Progressive Party is a group of representives that will help the server move forword Very Happy hope to see you on the server



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