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SOVIETGRAD - Alliance with the Royal Empire Empty SOVIETGRAD - Alliance with the Royal Empire

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SOVIETGRAD - Alliance with the Royal Empire Sovietgradtribune
SOVIETGRAD, ECONICRAFT – It was a jubilant day on the streets of Sovietgrad as residents celebrated the formal union with the Royal Empire. Agreed upon this afternoon, representatives from Sovietgrad acting on behalf of the Progressive Party signed terms with the mayor of the Royal Empire, bradenbob. Such an alliance formally establishes the Progressive Party as a nation within Econicraft, and guarantees its future as a major force in server politics.

"We're aiming to create a broad coalition of the progressive ideology," said Soviet Reunion, Chairman of the Progressive Party, "and we're inviting towns to join this movement to create a difference in Econicraft". Speaking to a crowd at the Progressive Party's central offices in southern Sovietgrad, the Chairman said he wanted "to keep the momentum we have and steer the administration in the right direction". When asked to comment, Mayor of the Royal Empire simply concurred that the Party will keep Econicraft heading the right way.

Progressive Party wrote:
SOVIETGRAD - Alliance with the Royal Empire Flagoftheparty
The Progressive Star featured at the top left symbolizes out allegiance to the progressive cause; the red of the flag symbolizes the Left; the golden stripes symbolize each allied town (two), one for Sovietgrad, one for the Royal Empire

The Progressive Party, as a nation, is an alliance of towns that are aligned with the progressive ideals (outlined in the Party Program here: Our aims are to advance and strengthen the party, adhere by its ideologies set forth in the Program, and to support one another in our struggles.

Capital: Sovietgrad
Assistants: bradenbob (Royal Empire)
Population: 15 (Sovietgrad, 1; Royal Empire, 14)
Upkeep: ₢100.00 per day
Tax: ₢50 per town per day
Total Assets: ₢57,938

King: The nation is operated by the Chairman of the Party, elected by the Convention. The Convention operates as a democratic centralist organ to the government, employing the principal of universal suffrage in its legislative processes. Headquartered in Sovietgrad.

Assistants: Assistants are single representatives of towns, usually awarded to their primary mayoral authority.

Joining: Residents of towns within the alliance become voting members of the Party. You may request for your town to join the Party by sending a message to the Chairman.

Services and Rules
Rules: We abide by the rights set in the first chapter in the Econicraft Constitution (found here:
Other than those:
• Any provocation against any allied town shall result in the immediate ejection of the offended town from the Party.
• Members of the Party participating is provocations not on behalf of a town are subject to discipline on a case-by-case basis, decision pending by the Chairman.

Perks and Objectives: Progressive towns are encourage to exclusively trade with one another, construct a mutual defense force, and to support one another in political goals.
Progressive towns may also enjoy some exclusive permissions, prices, and services not offered to other towns outside of the nation.
Members of the nation and party also enjoy universal democratic rights to decision made within the nation.

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