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Econicraft Bylaws

Post  SovietReunion on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:30 pm

When discussing creative and moving forward with organizing a controlled economy, it's becoming ever more clear that the server needs a formal set of protocols and rules regarding a multitude of topics. Adopting something I had in place on a previous server, I drafted a set of laws and processes that covers a wide range of issues. This'll ensure that we have a starting point to a lot of potential problems are conflicts, what to do, and how to resolve them. These laws also declare every user a formal "citizen" of the server.

This is all contained within the Code of Econicraft:

When reading it, here's a bit on the terminology:
"Administration": the admins of the server.
"Administration-controlled": a building or stuff that was built for everyone to use. Like the Spawn Point, or the Exchange building
"Moderation Council": the group of moderators we elect
"Code": the laws of the server
"Enacture": putting a newly passed law into effect

Title I: Applications
It had been discussed a couple of times that we should have an application to become a member of the server. This title compiles a set of standards and processes for that application. It also includes a provisions whereby the Administration can say that it isn't necessary to have a formal application process - but it's there if we need it.

Title II: Economy
Gives further clarification to what the Exchange does, and it will do, and how it will be done. Among things there that haven't been discussed before is the creation of the Governor of the Exchange, an Administration position (likely one I'll assume) and what to do with abandoned properties not claimed by anyone or any town.

Title III: Elections
Details about the electoral process here at Econicraft.

Title IV: Congressional procedure
We have a functioning legislature now, let's know how to use it.
Here's how it goes:
1. Make a proposal about something we as a server should do.
2. We debate about it, work out the kinks, understand the dynamics of the proposal.
3. A moderator or administrator moves the proposal to vote after there's a general consensus among delegates.
4. Votes last 48 hours.

The laws also establish a quorum. Quorums are a minimum requirement of participation to make sure there's fair representation. For example, if we have 100 people and only 20 of them vote and pass a law, that isn't a fair snapshot of what everyone wanted.
To remedy this, an Administration can run a quick survey to determine how many active voters we have here. Simply voting "present" in that survey will signify that you're available to debate, vote, and represent the needs of the server. The law says that we need 3/5ths of the total number of people who were surveyed as "present" to be counted as a proper representation of everyone on the server.

TITLE V: Criminal law
Truly "the rules". Outlines what the rules are here on the server, what they're considered, and what the proper consequences are.

This title mandates that we have a prison operated by the Moderators, after all it's their duty to keep peace and stability. It also says that a jail cannot be farther than one-quarter kilometer from the Spawn Point, in order to keep all Administration buildings in somewhat the same area (the Exchange is about 1/4 km (250 meters) from the Spawn Point; Lilycove is about 1/2 km (500 meters) from the Spawn Point). Currently, our jail is directly above the Spawn.

It establishes several possible convictions:
LARCENY: "defined as the theft of property, as protected in Chapter One, Article XIII, without the use of force or intimidation."
Ist degree - committed without knowledge of the act
IInd degree - committed with intent and planned
IIIrd degree - when someone steals land or property

BURGLARY - "defined as the theft of property, as protected in Chapter One, Article XIII of the Constitution, with the use of force, intimidation by means of weapons, illegal contraband, or out-of-game threats."
Ist degree - burglary in general.
IInd degree - theft of land, territory, someone's home
IIIrd degree - theft of public property - like items from the Exchange or public land

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY - self explanatory.
Ist degree - destroying or altering public buildings (like the Spawn Point or Exchange building)
IInd degree - destroying or altering private buildings

PROFANITY - self explanatory, but a relative term. Those who genuinely feel offended may bring this charge before an administrator. (I also think it's appropriate that this law is paragraph 69 heh heh)

BRIBERY - of a private citizen (Ist degree) or of a mod/admin (IInd degree)

HACKING - "the unauthorized use of modifications while on the server, in the form of plug-ins, or texture packs (called “x-raying”) is prohibited. This also extends to permissions meant for use by certain individuals or groups used without authorization."

SPAWN RULES - and all those rules posted by the spawn point are considered valid, too Razz

TITLE VI - Moderation Council. This tells what the jobs the moderators have, in greater detail than is provided by us admins.

It also mandates pay for service! Right now, I think this is fair:
₢500 upon election, payable no later than three days after the end of an election.
₢500 per week, for a total of ₢2000 per month term.

TITLE VII - Emigration. Leaving the server means you give up all your stuff to the Administration (and by extension, the coffers of the Exchange). Inactive players (more than two weeks) will have their stuff seized by the Administration and be held for another week. At the conclusion of that week, if the player still hasn't been able to be contacted, it will be handed over to the Exchange for further action.

TITLE VIII - the big chapter about towns.
TOWNS shall cost ₢10,000 and require at least two citizens with a settlement already established. It also requires Administration approval.

TITLE IX - Creative mode.
Only admins may access creative mode, but citizens can apply to become a Contractor (similar to Builder).
The application process involves submitting a proposal to an admin, which includes a timeline, materials needed, location, and purpose for construction. Creative mode constructed buildings may not be exclusive to any town or nation, and must be for public use.

Contractors get a three-strike policy for item spawning outside the terms of their contract. Those found item spawning and selling to the Exchange will have all their financial assets seized by the Exchange as well as a strike on their record.

Strikes get a minimum two week suspension from creative, and upon the third strike, suspension from the server.


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