I statements;airing of grieveances.

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I statements;airing of grieveances.

Post  masterrobot on Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:26 am

Ehem. I statement time. I feel left out when I can't build. I wish towny would be more fair.


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Re: I statements;airing of grieveances.

Post  Endermanslayer66 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:57 am

Hi master,

I just want to say I'm sorry for letting this problem go on for so long. For a time i had forgotten there was even an issue until last night when you came on. As of right now, everything is fixed and you are good to go. The only thing that needs to be done now is something that Daddy_pika has to do. This is adding you to the user list of the WG perimeter he created for spawn. If you don't know what that means thats alright but the next time you see him online, let him know that he needs to make it so that you can edit spawn without WG stopping you. If I see him before you do I'll let him know.

I hope there are no further issues,

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