Usable Bookshelf plugin?

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Usable Bookshelf plugin? Empty Usable Bookshelf plugin?

Post  ScooterinAB on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:39 pm

This sounds like a really enjoyable server. One thing I've been interested in, but cannot find the appropriate plugins for, is to create an in-game library. This will be stocked with reference material on crafting and mob behavior (for example) that can be referenced in-game rather than having to tab out to the Wiki. I'd also like to include some of the short stories that are kicking around. Since I'm copy-pasting preformatted text, I can copy books for players on the server for their own use or for other libraries.

To do this, I need an economy for the large number of resources I will need (which your server seems to have already) and a bookshelf plugin so books can be stored in Bookshelves instead of Chests or Dispensers. This makes the library aesthetically pleasing and not look out of place.

One plugin I played with is called BookshelfGUI (I can get you the link). The plugin is very easy to set up, and I recall only seeing one real command needed for permissions (to prevent every single bookshelf having storage, whose contents are saved on the hosting computer). Nothing major here, and having 1 row of storage should be more than enough (since I'll have a bunch of shelves anyways).

Outside of a library, players can use bookshelves to store their own recipe books, copies or library books, journals, and other writings. There are other similar plugins that allow storage of other items, but this one seems to be the simplest.



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Usable Bookshelf plugin? Empty Re: Usable Bookshelf plugin?

Post  Endermanslayer66 on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:35 pm

Certainly a great idea. I'll talk to my admins and see if thats something we would like to do. I'm glad you're enjoying the server and I hope to see you on some time!


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