bool(false) Econicraft 3.0 Beta! (Testers needed)

Econicraft 3.0 Beta! (Testers needed)

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Econicraft 3.0 Beta! (Testers needed) Empty Econicraft 3.0 Beta! (Testers needed)

Post  Endermanslayer66 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:00 pm

My fellow Econicraftians, 

I hope that this is the last time we will ever have to go through this. The death of a server is a painful one and Econicraft was no exception. We had a lot of fun together during 2.0, but it simply wasn't meant to be this time around. 

The staff and I have always held player satisfaction as a priority above all other things and that is what I believe made us such a strong community in the first place. But no matter how strong we were as a community, it could never compensate for the lack of strength within the server itself. What I mean by this is, Econicraft as a server encountered a lot of problems. Not just technical, but economical and social problems weakened the server's ability to grow.

As a last resort, Econicraft 2.0 was terminated and the staff and I immediately began working overtime to rethink, restart, and relaunch our server. 

We knew we had the foundation; a great community, hardworking staff, and the expertise to run a quality server. But we soon came to realize that the concept of Econicraft itself wasn't dynamic enough to enjoy longterm success. 

Players ask a lot of servers and Econicraft, as it was, could only really meet the needs of a small audience.

We began to think beyond the boundaries of Econicraft and found, with our creativity no longer being stifled, that we could provide much more to the minecraft community than we originally thought. 

Now, just to be clear, we know you guys loved Econicraft! This is why we will still be providing Econicraft when we relaunch the server. 

What? Econicraft and other things too? How will they provide Econicraft in addition to other things? Is this even possible to fit on one map within one community?

Friends, it is my pleasure to present to you Minecraft as you've never played it before...



On a different note, Econicraft 3.0 Beta is now up and running on the new server and we need testers! Please keep in mind that Econicraft 3.0 will be a small portion of what is to come but it just happened to be the first thing ready for testers. I will be the only staff member working on Econicraft as the other guys are preparing their own dimensions so if I'm not on, nobody else will be able to assist you. 

It's dirty, dangerous, and completely new (minus our lovely spawn) so hop on the IP below and go through the "Econicraft 3.0" portal!

See you guys there Very Happy


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