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Post  spacekitsch on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:49 pm

I was asking around the server and seeing how average players feel about the state of things. These are some of the requests and suggestions that people offered me.

1. New rank- (Adventurer) Some people don't like joining towns because they feel too confined. Visitor doesn't suit people who are regulars on the server, but Resident implies they're in a town. I asked these players and they said the name they would like best is Adventurer (over Nomad and Explorer) This demographic of players also requested another change...

2. Better teleport system- Teleports should use a request system to avoid griefing and unwanted PVP. Especially people out in the wild are susceptible to this. I don't know the name of the plugin, but it uses a /tpa command and the recipient has to option to accept or ignore the request.

3. Less people flying around- Basically people wanted assistants to not have fly. People with fly can find players out adventuring, clear out pyramids, towns, and jungle temples with ease, and it's not really needed for the position. An assistant's job should be helping out town members, which doesn't require the need for flying. If they need it for construction they should just apply for builder.

4. Less (or no) Admin shop- People complained to me that it was hurting player shops, that the sell option should be removed, and some went as far to say that they wanted it removed entirely. Players like buying and selling from each other more, and that the admin shop destroys competition.

5. Waiting period for Resident rank - Assistants and Mayors suggested this: A waiting period of 3 days for someone to become Resident. So you have to work your way up and show some commitment to the server to gain the rank.

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