Last words of the hackers

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Last words of the hackers

Post  Endermanslayer66 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:31 pm

These are the last logged conversations between the hackers, take a look! (Starting from the bottom)

00:50:38 <> Player Picklepie741 disconnected (unknown)
00:50:37 <> Player TheonlyMrMan connected
00:50:26 <{Builder}bradenbob> sorry caps
00:50:20 <{Builder}bradenbob> YEAH AND MAKE A MESS
00:50:02 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>pour water on it
00:49:36 <> Player Picklepie741 connected
00:49:36 <{Builder}bradenbob> PICKLE BETTER GET BANNED :O
00:49:02 <{Builder}bradenbob> OK
00:48:57 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>Ban should be in order I'd imagine
00:48:56 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Braden go on the ground for a sec
00:48:51 <> Player Picklepie741 disconnected (unknown)
00:48:50 <{Builder}bradenbob> OAKREACH*
00:48:41 <{Builder}bradenbob> THIS IS OAK REACH
00:48:34 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>it's beautiful, no?
00:48:26 <{Builder}bradenbob> QUICK LOOK WHAT PICKLE IS DOING :O
00:48:14 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Braden you can handle it I guess
00:48:14 <{Admin}spacekitsch> heya guys
00:48:05 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Yo soace
00:47:55 <> Player spacekitsch connected
00:47:49 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> This side isnt working
00:47:48 <{Builder}bradenbob> WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:47:39 <> Player spacekitsch disconnected (unknown)
00:47:27 <{Builder}bradenbob> :O
00:47:18 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Lol
00:47:07 <> Player spacekitsch connected
00:47:02 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>If they load the backup it'll just set the server back a few hours before I did this
00:46:44 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> Does that mean it'll dissappear? Or save?
00:46:07 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>Too bad this server backs up every 2 hours.. sigh
00:45:56 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>She's just admiring my masterpeice
00:45:49 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> lol no
00:45:44 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Are you griefing to space?
00:45:43 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> Well it's very ban worthy
00:45:36 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> Oh I see
00:45:30 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>Just some old server before we started up our server
00:45:19 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> What old old server?
00:45:04 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>and they accused us of world edit.. failures
00:44:59 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>This is what got us banned form our old old server
00:44:45 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> omg lol
00:44:30 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> Of course~
00:44:20 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>Care to see my master piece, Space, before I get banned?
00:44:01 <{Visitor}rawfriez> Pickle
00:43:56 <{Assistant}Space_Dust> Wait who'd you tp to?
00:43:10 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>Yep
00:42:57 <{Visitor}rawfriez> I'm the idiot for not knowing he was in the air?
00:42:35 <{Visitor}rawfriez> What?
00:42:26 <{Assistant}Picklepie741>nice job idiot

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