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Post  SPWeber on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:00 pm

With the server and number of staff members growing each day, we should better balance and keep track of authority. I propose eliminating (sort-of) the "Admin" rank. Instead we can have different titles for OPs based on what they are in charge of, including the Owner (Ender, obviously) and Co-Owner(s) (Daddy) who are in charge of the server as a whole. The other admins/OPs would have their own jurisdiction in a way. The rank titles would all have the same admin rank color to signify OP, but the title itself would be different to label the admin's duties. For example, I am Chief Of Staff but I am also an OP. Admins would be placed in charge of a certain aspect of the server so they would lead that group or whatever it may be. To keep a system of checks and balances, any 2 admins together could have the authority to demote another based on abuses, and the Owner and Co-Owner(s) would have absolute authority to do it by themselves. Please tell me what you think and help me build on this idea.

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Post  SovietReunion on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:08 pm

Here, I'll post what I sent to Daddy_pika and Ender regarding server organization:

SovietReunion wrote:Summarized and explained. If you feel this is all appropriate, you can publicly present this and move forward. It's very simple, and should really bring a lot of organization to the server.


Chapter One, Rights of the User
I've been asked a couple times: "but Soviet! this isn't a nation, why do we need rights?"
My answer is this: this provides a broad set of rules and rights for our admins and mods to enforce and use as their philosophy of being fair and orderly. Without it, we're going off a set of informal rules and presumed rights that we get from typing /rules on the server. That's not good enough.

This says that all people have five rights --
• Liberty - you have free will, and can pursue whatever it is that makes you happy.
• Justice - you're guaranteed to have social justice. Wrongs will be righted.
• Security - you have a right to feel safe on the server. Both from other people's in-game actions and what they say.
• Territory - you're allowed to make your own settlements, villages, buildings, what have it.
• Property - your stuff is your stuff, and no one can unfairly take that from you

Chapter Two, the General Congress
Basically, everyone belongs to this. The General Congress has the most political authority on the server, and uses that power democratically.
They enact new rules, change existing new ones, and elect admins/mods.
Chapter Three, Administration and Moderation
"Congress shall elect, on a monthly basis, a group of Moderators to the General Congress. Moderators shall serve as executors of the laws passed by the General Congress and of this Constitution."

• Moderators are elected monthly.
• Ender is the "Lead Administrator".
• Other fellow admins are nominated by Ender to be approved by all users


This creates the following ranks:
- Lead Administrator (Ender)
- Administrator (people picked by Ender)
- Governor of the Exchange (technically an administrator as considered by the Constitution; also picked by Ender)
- Moderators (elected by Congress)
- Mayors
- Residents

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Post  Endermanslayer66 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:27 pm

Looks brilliant! I believe we will now need jail/courthouse buildings as well as an official judge in order to carry out Art. viii Surprised

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